Coconut Oil For Teeth

coconut oil teeth

  Coconut Oil and Teeth: Benefits and Usage

Did you know that coconut oil can also be used for cleaning teeth? Yes, it is in fact true. Coconut oil has been in use in teeth for hundreds of years in most parts of the world. Its components help your teeth and other mouth parts be clean and healthy. It is also a good cure for problems like cavities, mouth ulcers and many others.

Health of your mouth co-relates with the health of your entire body. So, taking care of your mouth and improving your oral hygiene, you can actually improve the health of the rest of the body. So, how exactly does coconut oil benefits our teeth? Let’s find out.

Guidelines to use coconut oil for teeth is given below.

coconut oil teethTake a tea-spoon of oil. Gently apply it in between your teeth. Don’t overdo it to prevent swelling or any kind of jaws pain. When the oil melts, spit it and rinse the mouth and repeat the activity for 10-15 minutes. Then, you can brush as normal. You will feel very refreshed and your teeth will also be cleaned.

You need to do this procedure on a regular basis i.e. everyday for at least two weeks. Afterwards, you can follow the activity only twice a week. This way, you can get the maximum benefits out of the coconut oil. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:


  1. Coconut oil basically helps in oil pulling. It cleanses the unwanted oil hidden in your mouth that affects you oral health badly.
  2. It keeps teeth healthy and strong to a larger extent. It is good for teeth and gums in many ways.Virgin Coconut Oil teeth
  3. You can also use coconut oil as toothpaste by mixing some of its drops with few drops of soda and sweetener. Do this once in a while, especially when you run out of your regular toothpaste.
  4. It works as teeth whitener too.
  5. Regular use of coconut oil prevents teeth from decaying.
  6. As it has some anti-bacterial properties, it helps to kill bacteria that promotes bad breath.

7.      It protects mouth and saves from several kinds of oral diseases like inflamed gum, gingivitis, halitosis including other teeth and mouth complications.

8.      Best of all, it prevents and heals gum bleeding

These are some of the benefits of coconut oil when it comes to teeth and mouth. So, try using coconut oil once in a while like mentioned above on your teeth and other mouth parts and see the difference yourself. You won’t see an immediate change but if you continue to perform this task on a regular basis then you will see it.